Exhale Gym & Spa – Bermuda

A newly added Exhale- Barre, Yoga, and Spa  boutique/studio now occupies the Southwest wing of the Hamilton Princess Hotel.  The renovation was completed in association with Botelho Wood Architects.  Glazing, wood slats, custom lighting fixtures and brushed metal finished tie together all components of the spa to create a modern atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

The retail portion of the spa consists of modern displays and a reception/waiting area for patrons.  A nest-like screen encloses a manicure/pedicure space.  This creates privacy for individuals  while maintaining a visual connection to the ambiance of the spa as a whole.  A zen lounge and garden is also included in the facilities.  Private rooms for various massage or therapy treatments. Additionally, a dual level gymnasium is now located towards the end of the wing and provides views to the harbour and newly renovated courtyard pool.  The gym has exposed ceiling, ducts and track lighting.  Also, adjacent to the gym is a barre and yoga studio that has been oriented to allow for generous amounts of natural lighing and views towards the harbour.

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